When You Don’t Know What You Want to Know

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Are you frustrated with getting the same old responses from your surveys.  Especially when you don’t know what you want to know.  Maybe you should try CCR.

Customer or constituent case research (CCR) is a new research method that avoids the pitfalls of traditional research. Instead of asking participants pre-determined questions that reflect your assumptions about what’s important, CCR asks people to tell—in their own words—the stories behind their involvement with your organization. It lets them define what’s important, as they lay out detailed who-what-where-when-why stories.  It’s been used to demonstrate how:

  • 50 donors made their decisions to contribute to a new theater group
  • 25 patients decided to use the services of a women’s clinic
  • 20 alumni decided to become members of their local alumni chapter
  • 10 people decided to become volunteer docents for a historic house museum
  • What made 30 families decide to visit the zoo on Easter Sunday.

CCR digs out the stories of real decisions made in the context of real financial constraints, time pressures, and personal conflicts. As CCR pieces together the chains of people, influences, and events that lead to key decisions, details emerge that you would never have considered.  Why not try it?

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