May 2, 2018

Better research through gamification

Let’s face it, most research is pretty dull. Whether conducting a focus group in a gloomy basement facility or asking a bunch of strangers to complete another soulless attribute grid, research rarely inspires or excites it’s participants.  Or can it?  And should it?

Respondents are human beings, not sources of data.  And just as in real life, people who complete surveys are far more likely to be honest and involved if they are engaged and enjoy the process.  In a recent study for a retailer we conducted two parallel surveys.  One was a typical usage and attitude survey with lots of factual data collection and attribute grids.  The other was a gamified study, involving memory tests, competitions and word searches.  This approach created two outcomes: Firstly, the data collected, while broadly similar in overall terms, highlighted some distinct and interesting new insights.  Secondly, the reaction of the respondents was remarkable.  Comments collected at the end included “Amazing, I just didn’t want it to finish,” and “If all surveys were this much fun I’d pay you to do them.”

We have now developed a full suite of data collection games and continue to add new games all the time.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.


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