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Irrational is a behavioural science research consultancy.  We use leading edge academic approaches to help you to glean new insights about your customers and try new things. And think differently.

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Behavioural Science Research

We solve complex marketing problems using the latest behavioural science approaches.

Advanced Quantitative

We combine behavioural science data collection techniques with advanced analytical approaches to give you a completely different understanding of your customers.

Customer Research Strategy

We are experts at designing customer research based on both what you need to know and what you already know - and linking the two together.

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Chris Dobson - Sony

From the start to the end of the project Sid has understood my business, aligned with the core issues, developed multiple options, created business buy in and delivered a technically superb yet business driving piece of research. ...I think you are an exceptional agency.

Chris Dobson - Sony -
Amanda Vernalls - Head of Customer Research - Boots

I love working with Sid.  He is always very responsive and pragmatic.  He challenges the brief and is not afraid to speak up when others might hide for cover.  And he always delivers on time, no matter what the time constraints.

Amanda Vernalls - Head of Customer Research - Boots -
Angela Lovejoy - ex-McKinsey

I worked with Sid for nearly five years while we were both at McKinsey.  He knows more about conjoint and advanced research techniques that almost anyone else I've met.   He also makes the best cup of tea I've ever tasted.

Angela Lovejoy - ex-McKinsey -
Georgie White - Centrica

Working with Irrational is fantastic.  Their approach is flexibility, challenging and pragmatic.  And you know that you are going to get the best and latest thinking on your project.  I couldn't recommend them more highly.  

Georgie White - Centrica -
Sean Chamberlain - Mars

The level of work was first class from start to finish. The understanding of the business issue, the alignment of varying innovative solutions, the delivery of the project and technical expertise involved were all fantastic.  The System 3 approach was especially insightful  - highly recommended.

Sean Chamberlain - Mars -

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Some interesting things we have discovered

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May 18, 2018

Too much choice

Can you have too much choice?  It would appear you can.  A jam producer ran a simple experiment to understand how many varieties should be offered.  During one week, a total of 24 different types of jam were available and customers were offered a discount coupon to encourage them to buy – sadly only 3% of customers bought any jams.  During the following week, the range was cut to just 6 jams, with the same

May 4, 2018

When You Don’t Know What You Want to Know

Are you frustrated with getting the same old responses from your surveys.  Especially when you don’t know what you want to know.  Maybe you should try CCR. Customer or constituent case research (CCR) is a new research method that avoids the pitfalls of traditional research. Instead of asking participants pre-determined questions that reflect your assumptions about what’s important, CCR asks people to tell—in their own words—the stories behind their involvement with your organization. It lets

May 4, 2018

We live in a post modern world, so why do we still use modernist ideas?

Market Research, as we currently understand it, started in the mid-20th century as TV advertising began to evolve.  This was the end of the modernist period when consumers were assumed to be rational human beings and everything could be measured. Truth was thought to exist independent of human consciousness – it could be known through the application of reason. Since this time, however, the world has moved on to a post modernist perspective (and some believe

May 3, 2018

Competitions within surveys

Is it possible to increase a respondent’s involvement in a survey with a competition?  We think it is. In a recent survey we asked participants to generate as many words as they could in 2 minutes from a list of 12 letters.  The task was repeated three times, but on the third occasion participants were offered a prize of 500 Supermarket Loyalty Card points (worth £2.50 – yes, £2.50!) to the person who was able

April 24, 2018

Unconscious Thought Theory

The premise of Unconscious Thought Theory is very similar to the idea of sleeping on a decision or taking a break from trying to solve a difficult problem and was recognised long ago by Wallas  in 1926. In research by Dijksterhuis and Nordgren (2006), participants were asked to choose between a number of apartments, each of which was described by different binary attributes (either positive or negative). One group of participants were invited to make

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